About Us

Buss Precision Mold’s goal is to be “The Moldmaker of Choice” for you. We design and manufacture the highest quality plastic injection molds delivered on schedule at competitive costs. Since our founding in 1988, the combined experience of hundreds of years of knowledge gives us a distinct advantage in design and moldmaking capabilities.

Quick delivery is a large part of BPM’s core competency. Small MUD or Unit Die molds can be completed in times as short as 3 days. Self-contained molds have been completed in 5-7 days. We regularly are the “go to guys” for quick deliveries and we ship molds throughout the US, Canada & Mexico. We are called in when local providers cannot achieve the required lead times or higher levels of expertise are required.

Auto Unscrewing or Unwinding molds are an expertise area Buss Precision Mold is a specialist in designing and building. We are renowned for our experience and proficiency in Overmolding of thermoplastic substrates with elastomers in Two-Shot molds. Another niche area of expertise is high temperature molds for processing engineering grades such as PEEK, Radel, Ryton, Glass Filled Nylons and other engineering polymers. See our Portfolio page for examples.

MIM (Metal Injection Mold) building has been an expertise since the 1990’s. The high tolerances and specific requirements in materials, design and build are a knowledge BPM possesses. Buss Precision Mold Inc. can deliver your MIM requirements.


Buss Precision Mold Inc. designs and builds single and multiple cavity molds ranging from small unit dies such as 5 X 8 MUD’s to self-contained molds up to 36” X 48” weighing several tons. SPI Mold Classification Class 101 Ultra-High Production, Class 102 High Production, Class 103 Medium Production, and Class 104 Prototype molds are built. Hot Runner, Valve Gated, 3-Plate, Stripper Plate, Floating Plate, Auto Unscrewing, Complex Slide and Lift core actions are regularly built in our facility. SPI Type 1 & 2 Unit Dies and Class 401, 402 & 403 plastic molds for 400 ton and larger presses are also built. MIM Molds, Composite Molds and Die Cast Dies are built to the MIM and NADCA industry standards. Contact us for more information and a free SPI mold classification and surface finish guide to assist in specifications for your project with us.

BPM also offers repair, refurbishment and engineering change services on injection molds and die cast dies. Same day turn around of Laser Welding can often be achieved. Buss Precision Mold Inc. looks forward to exceeding your moldmaking requirements and making us your “Moldmaker of Choice".


BPM is a leader in using the latest technologies to manufacture your molds. 3D CAD for part and mold designs, 3D CAM programming and machining, lights out CNC High-Speed-Milling and CNC EDM with robotic operations allow aggressive lead times and lower the cost of manufacturing of your molds & die cast dies. Contact us here to get started.

Design is full 3D Solid Model consisting of the complete mold with 3D simulation. Using kinematics for complex actions takes the guess work out of the process. A complete bill of materials (BOM) is supplied with specifications of all mold components. On-line web meetings are also used for part and mold design reviews, a hardcopy 2D mold layout is produced to scale for customer and in-house design review. All major CAD exchange formats are supported such as STEP, Parasolid, IGES, DWG, PDF, etc. and can be transferred via secure FTP site or email attachment.

Ultra High Speed Milling has been in place since 2000 when Buss Precision Mold Inc. obtained the first Ultra High Speed Milling Machine in the Northwestern US. We are experts in the implementation of HSM with capabilities up to 42,000 RPM’s and 4,000 IPM feed rates. Laser tool length measurement, and in-machine probing is present on all of our HSM machines.

Hard Milling using our High-Speed-Milling capacity is also a core competency of Buss Precision Mold Inc. The latest addition is a Bridge Style Linear Motor High-Speed-Milling machine. The increased accuracy and better surface finishes are two of the greatest benefits of this technology. Lights out operation of all our HSM machines is regularly utilized for mold manufacture.

Horizontal Milling capabilities with multiple tombstone pallets of work pieces allow 4-Axis machining access to the sides of mold plates and inserts. A 100 tool magazine, laser tool length measuring and in-machine probing allow untended lights out machining for up to several days at a time. The high pressure through spindle coolant allows efficient water hole drilling up to 60X diameter. This capability allows extraordinary throughput for processing large packages of tooling.

CNC Sinker EDM capabilities with robotic electrode and work piece changing are used with lights-out operation as key components of staying competitive and providing ever decreasing lead-times.

CNC Wire EDM is used for machining mold components, pin and lift core holes to extreme accuracy. Untended operation is also utilized here to provide the same production benefits.

EDM Hole Drill capability is used for WEDM start and vent holes. Extremely small holes diameters are possible through soft and hardened steels.

Surface Grinding capabilities range from small inserts to very large mold plate processing.

Lathe machining for round work is used as required.

Welding & Micro-Welding are in-house processes used for repairs and revisions. Laser Welding is outsourced locally with same day turn around if needed.

Inspection A large array of inspection equipment and optical measuring instruments verify the accuracy of our mold building process.


  • 1988 Buss Precision Mold is founded by Earl & Jonathan Buss
  • 1990 CAD & CAM manufacturing is added
  • 1993 BPM builds a new shop at Ambler Road, Clackamas Oregon
  • 1995 CNC EDM is added
  • 1996 BPM adds additional square footage to the shop
  • 1997 transition to 3D CAD mold design
  • 2000 High Speed Machining @ 42K RPM’s & 1,200 IPM capabilities added
  • 2000-current Hard Milling & High Speed Electrode Manufacturing in place
  • 2000-current Laser tool measurement & Part probing on all CNC Machines
  • 2003 Robot Served CNC EDM w/work piece & electrode changing put into practice
  • 2003 Automated full 3D Solid Mold Design implemented
  • 2004 Horizontal Machining w/100 Tools & Multiple Pallets are acquired
  • 2007 Linear Motor Large Part High Speed Machining capacity added
  • 2010 Advanced CNC EDM technology acquired
  • 20XX Production mold manufacturing in a day, contact us!
Manufacturing Principles

Today Buss Precision Mold Inc.’s philosophy is to keep at the forefront of technology. We utilize the latest technologies and mold manufacturing methodology for continuous improvement. BPM uses the full spectrum of lights-out machining processes which are key components of staying competitive and providing precise tools with ever decreasing lead-times.

Keep in touch for our next technological breakthrough in mold making technology!