Buss Precision Mold’s goal is to be “The Moldmaker of Choice” for you.

We design and manufacture the highest quality plastic injection molds delivered on schedule at competitive costs. Since our founding in 1988, the combined experience of hundreds of years of knowledge gives us a distinct advantage in design and moldmaking capabilities.

Quick delivery is a large part of BPM’s core competency. Small MUD or Unit Die molds can be completed in times as short as 3 days. Self-contained molds have been completed in 5-7 days. We regularly are the “go to guys” for quick deliveries and we ship molds throughout the US, Canada & Mexico. We are called in when local providers cannot achieve the required lead times or higher levels of expertise are required.

Auto Unscrewing or Unwinding molds are an expertise area Buss Precision Mold is a specialist in designing and building. We are renowned for our experience and proficiency in Overmolding of thermoplastic substrates with elastomers in Two-Shot molds. Another niche area of expertise is high temperature molds for processing engineering grades such as PEEK, Radel, Ryton, Glass Filled Nylons and other engineering polymers. See our Portfolio page for examples.

MIM (Metal Injection Mold) building has been an expertise since the 1990’s. The high tolerances and specific requirements in materials, design and build are a knowledge BPM possesses. Buss Precision Mold Inc. can deliver your MIM requirements.

History of Buss Precision Mold

Designing the highest quality molds since 1988

Manufacturing Principles

Today Buss Precision Mold Inc.’s philosophy is to keep at the forefront of technology. We utilize the latest technologies and mold manufacturing methodology for continuous improvement. BPM uses the full spectrum of lights-out machining processes which are key components of staying competitive and providing precise tools with ever decreasing lead-times.