Part Design

BPM design engineers have years of experience with plastic and die cast part design. Why is this important, when designing parts the tooling plays a large part in the success of the finished part. Cost savings and complexity can be the result of having a knowledgeable mold designer design the parts as we are always thinking ahead to reduce complexity, cost and succeed with the design intent. Part simulation and engineering evaluation is provided as needed.

Mold Design

BPM has years of mold design ranging from simple designs to highly complex molds with highly contoured parting lines, undercut removal actions, unscrewing actions, conformal cooling as well as techniques for achieving tolerances in the realm of +/-.00005 (50 millionths). Part filling simulation for flow, fill, warp, shrink etc. is available for both plastic and metal parts as required.

Project Management

BPM can provide project management of your project ranging from a single part mold build to entire programs. We have managed entire programs for fortune 500 companies and also small start up inventors with one part.

Mold Building

BPM is a leader in providing the ultimate in customer service for you precision moldmaking needs. As a second generation moldmaker, we have weathered many economic downturns and there is a reason. BPM prides itself on using the latest technology to manufacture your molds with capabilities to run 24/7 lights out for efficient moldmaking processes.

Mold Testing

BPM tests all molds prior to delivery to the customer. BPM can also manage mold testing with local partner injection molder and die casting houses if you desire a ready to go and pre-qualified mold ready to start making production parts, or even pre-production samples.

Part Qualification

BPM can provide first article inspection reports on your critical dimensions with critical tolerances or fit and functionality.

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